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We offer a wide selection of Changeable Sign Letter products. Some of our readerboard letter kits (or individual change letters) are for use on the small changeable message signs common to almost any business, and some changeable signs use letters which are referred to as marquee letters, and are commonly used on large theatre signs (marquee signs).

There are different types of changeable letters such as, Raised Letters, Formed Letters & Slotted Letters. To accompany the different types of letters there are different mounting methods as well such as, studded, silicone adhesive or acrylic cement.

If you have an existing sign that needs to be modified to accompany a readerboard the Zip Track method is the perfect solution. We mount the Zip Tracks to your sign and provide you with the changeable letters. If you don’t have the sign, we can provide you with the perfect sign with the Zip Track attached and you will be ready for business.

We offer the Zip-Change Letter Changer as well. The Zip-Change Letter Changer permits easy handling of each letter from the ground. These are available in 12′, 18′ and 24′ lengths with single or double suction cups. The features are Superior Suction, Easy Release, Adjustable Elbow and it is Lightweight and Strong.



Construction Job Site Signs are can be produced from MDO substrate, Aluminum, Alumalite, Banner material, etc.
These type of signs can really enhance the exposure you desire as they are noticed by the public therefore giving them first hand knowledge on the quality of workmanship that your company offers. Construction signs also is an inexpensive way of advertising your business when your working or when you are off for the evening. These signs are there 24/7 until you deem necessary to remove them from the finished project and placed at your next project.

We can customize the signage to your specifications. Whether you want to go high tech with Alumalite or to go cheaper using MDO, we produce the signage that best fits your needs.



Corrugated Plastic is a lightweight and cost effective solution that is perfect for Temporary signage, Special Event Signs, Outdoor Advertising, or showing your political views. Corrugated Plastic Signs are not as sturdy as Aluminum Signs but are the most economical signs available.

The Corrugated Signs can be mounted to posts, Real estate or simply placed in the ground using Step Stakes.

When pricing a Corragated Sign there are three things to consider: the number of signs, the color of the sign material and the amount of colors desired on the sign.

Vinyl letters are weeded out of vinyl which sticks directly to the corrugated sign.

Corrugated sign blanks come in White, Clear, Beige, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Sky Blue, Forrest Green, Blue, Light Brown and Dark Brown.

These signs can be produced in 1-3 days, depending on the availability of the material.



Vinyl lettering is an adhesive backed sign made of vinyl film generally applied to windows, displays, vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, banners, race cars, a variety of substrate sign materials, etc.

Vinyl graphics are composed of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fill backed with an adhesive that creates a strong bond to a surface when pressure is applied. Available for a variety of short-term, long-term, indoor / outdoor applications, vinyl graphics can be applied to nearly any surface and are removable.

You can choose from a host of vinyl material including etched glass, holographic, ,metallic, ultra metallic, reflective, translucent, fluorescent, gold leaf, etc.

The vinyl is computer-cut to your specifications.



This category is comprised of several different types of formed letters and mounting capabilities.

From gas price change letters to plastic formed letters



General term for a traditional cabinet or “box” type sign which comes with a Lexan face. Often called cabinet signs, lighted boxes are internally illuminated and are good for both interior and exterior applications.

Cabinets can be custom built to any size. Whether you are looking for a single or double sided extruded cabinet we can present to you ideas and the least cost effective way to go and still make your business look good.

The Lexan is extremely durable and can withstand the elements. It is a polycarbonate substrate and allows for translucent vinyl or translucent paint applications.



Magnetic Signs are a “quick and easy” way of inexpensively advertising your business with more exposure then you could ever imagine!

This version of advertising is much cheaper than what you would pay to have vinyl graphics applied to it. Vinyl graphics are excellent when you want to use it as a rolling billboard. But, when you only want to advertise while on the road and not while you are on personal trips, the magnetic sign is perfect for the occasion. You have the versatility of removing the magnetic sign at your convenience.

We highly advise you to use these three simple steps when choosing this type of signage. (1) Apply your magnetic sign to a clean surface. (2) When your sign is not being used store your sign flat so it will retain its shape and stick to your vehicle more easily. (3) Remove your magnetic sign from your vehicle regularly. This will preserve your magnetic as well as your vehicle’s paint job.



Real estate Signs are commonly displayed in front of the residential or commercial properties that are being sold either by a realtor or an individual. Several businesses, other than realtors, have used these signs to advertise their business as well because of zoning purposes.

These signs are very productive in raising an awareness of a sale, an operating business, a charity, a fund drive, etc.

A real estate sign is comprised of a black angle iron frame or a round steel rod banjo frame. Both frames come with an .040 or .063 aluminum insert. The .040 are least expensive and are most commonly used.

The inserts, signs if you will, are then either screen printed or has vinyl graphics applied to them with all the information to your specifications. After the signs are complete we bolt the inserts to the frames. These signs are very durable in any environment and hold up extremely well.



Redwood and Cedar have long been the standard substarte options for the sandblasted industry. Over the past 12 years or so, a new standard in long term customer satisfaction has led the industry to develop a better material. High Density Urethane, or HDU, is a foam material that technicians are discovering to be a superior replacement for the natural woods.

Today, :Sign Foam” is the brand name for High Density Urethane foam manufactured with standards for the sign industry. This is not to say that redwood and cedar are phasing out but, these natural woods are becoming increasingly difficult to get. Also, they are becoming cost prohibitive.

The overall advantages of HDU is that there are several advantages over redwood and cedar and is easy to justify why Dominion Signs utilizes the HDU in nearly 98% of our sandblasted signs. Finishes will last longer simply because HDU is impervious to water-meaning absolutely no moisture concerns. Some finishes in redwood and cedar can dull due to shrinking and swelling over time.




The vinyl banner is a frameless sign made of fabric material. Banners can be created for indoor and outdoor use. They can be fabricated in any shape, size and orientation. Grommets or polepocketing can be included to facilitate installation.

We can create the banner and message that is just right for the occasion, combining a wide selection of fonts, special effects, borders, graphics and colors.

When pricing a vinyl banner, there are three things to consider: the number of banners, the color of the banner and the number of colors desired on the banner.

Vinyl banners are traditionally one of the least expensive ways to produce. Vinyl letters are weeded out of vinyl which sticks directly to the vinyl banner. The typical life of the outdoor banner is up to six years.

These banners can be produced in 1-3 days, depending on the type of material that you request is in stock.