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(Q) What is the difference between long term and short term vinyl graphics?
(A) There are different grades of vinyl. Long term means the vinyl is a high performance vinyl that adheres for several years. If you need temporary signs we use short term vinyl which normally lasts 1-3 years. There is also vinyl that will last roughly 5-7 years.

(Q) If I have you provide me with the vinyl decals, is it easy to apply it myself?
(A) The application of vinyl graphics can be easily installed by the consumer providing you understand all the elements that come into play. You cannot apply vinyl on a car that is 100 degrees because the vinyl will stick on contact and vinyl stretches when you attempt to pull it back off the surface thus ruining the vinyl. If you error while attempting to apply the vinyl you will be looking at additional expenses to replace what you ruined. The surface needs to be at room temperature and out of the sun. The surface needs to be clean and dry.

(Q) What is the difference between corrugated signs and metal signs and is there a price difference between the two?
(A) Corrugated signs are made from plastic. They look like cardboard and have the flutes in the center of the substrate. Corrugated signs are cheap and are highly requested by individuals across the board who have a low budget for signage. Metal signs are made of steel, powdered coated black and use aluminum sign blanks which are bolted to the frame. These signs are ideal for individuals who have a higher budget for signage. The price for the steel signs are more expensive than the corrugated signs and hold up better.

(Q) What is the purpose for magnetic signs verses vinyl lettering?
(A) Magnetic signs are ideal for businesses who jump from vehicle to vehicle. Magnetic signs are removable and can be placed on another vehicle within seconds. Vinyl lettering cannot be removed without destroying them. Vinyl is designed to be permanently placed on a vehicle.

(Q) Do you stand behind your work?
(A) Yes. We guarantee our workmanship. Many sign companies, locally, are very arrogant about standing behind their work. A local sign company once told a customer, with me present, that they only guaranteed the signs until they left the front door.

(Q) Are there certain types of circumstances you do not warranty your workmanship?
(A) Yes. Magnetic signs do blow off vehicles in car washes, too much wind going down the road, etc. We cannot guarantee the loss of magnetic signs. We do guarantee the magnetic sign itself should the material separate or the vinyl pulls away, etc. We have seen trucks we have applied vinyl to and the drivers drove down two tracks scratching the sides of the trucks from one end to the other. We cannot warranty this type of driver error. We have had cases where an individual wanted us to apply vinyl graphics to a substrate, that I knew would not hold. I informed them that, prior to receiving any type of payment that I would not be held responsible for any malfunction of the vinyl. Anything that breaks down in the material we use is guaranteed by Dominion Signs.

(Q) What are your payment options and do you do payment plans?
(A) Our payment options are strictly check, cash or money order. We seldom do payment plans. We normally require half down and the balance when the job is complete. We reserve the right to screen individuals who request a payment plan. We have a desire to help everyone with signage but limit ourselves to being taken advantage of at the same time.

(Q) What is your turn around time?
(A) Depending on the job. Vinyl lettering is normally same day providing we have the materials in stock. Sandblasted signs normally have a 7-10 day turn around time. MDO signs have about 2-4 day turn around time. We are very good and fast at what we do.

(Q) What do you believe makes you stand out from other sign companies?
(A) In all honesty, my sense of humor. I was raised in a military family. My dad served our country for fourteen years and raised us with this saying that has stuck with me since childhood. “What is worth doing once, is worth doing right. If you don’t do it right the first time, it ain’t worth doing at all”.

We take pride in what we do. Signs are my passion. People are my passion. I love my wife, my seven children, family and the public. God has broadened my heart and ability to extend my hand to business acquaintances beyond just doing business together. I am a personable person. When people hurt, I hurt with them.

Life is so full of challenges and so full of different walks of life. People are at the heart of what we do. If people can’t afford to spend alot on signage we work with them so they can get the signage they need. When people take the first step to being self employed we help them and believe with them that they can make it. Making it takes believing in yourself. I’ve had a gentleman tell me, out of his own intimidation tactics and insecurity, that I would never make it in the sign business. Nearly 20 years later I am still going strong and loving it. I believe in myself.